Adventure of a Lifetime

Here we go -- 2020! The start of a new decade. I wonder how many of you reading have kept those New Year's Resolutions going. Winter seems to have arrived super swiftly in the past few days and it is SO cold here in Plymouth! It got me thinking about where in the world I’d like to lay out in the sun next, and how at this time of year we look to book holidays to make getting through the winter days a little easier. This is the perfect time to share my amazing experience from our honeymoon in beautiful Kenya, back in August 2019. It is truly something I will never forget, and I hope reading all about it makes you feel a little warmer. I wish you all an amazing 2020! Here’s to love, weddings, honeymooning and a fabulous decade ahead.

This was much more than a honeymoon; it truly was an adventure of a lifetime. As newlyweds, we wanted to celebrate our new union in our own special way. It was one of those “now or never” decisions -- a trip we may not allow ourselves to make further down the line because of work commitments or in case life throws us a curveball. It was totally about sitting down and seriously thinking: what would our ​dream​ honeymoon be like? And I’m so glad we went for it!

As you should with any type of honeymoon, but particularly one like this, we did a lot of research. Once we felt prepared, and after speaking to as many people as possible who had done it themselves, we were ready for action. We were lucky enough to come across Asia and Teddy from Costo Tours Adventure Activities. I honestly can’t stress enough how amazing they were, right from the start! Asia, who moved to Africa from Poland at the age of 23, and her husband Teddy were with us throughout out adventure. We always felt looked after by them, plus we had the bonus of having like minded people to share this once in a lifetime experience with. Teddy could spot any wildlife (that we probably would have missed!) while driving us on dirt roads and Asia knew pretty much every single bird species you could think of -- she was like a walking, talking “BirdPedia” if you will! Not to mention, providing some much needed beers and the travel from park to park, as we crossed Kenya from West to East. When we arrived in Kenya on the 5th of August, we were picked up by Asia and Teddy in their Safari Jeep. This Toyota Land Cruiser was Teddy’s pride and joy -- totally customised to give that great safari experience. To give you an idea of just how much -- there wasn’t a hole or ditch that this car couldn’t get out of!

Massai Mara is considered the crown jewel of national parks in Kenya, and rightly so. It was absolutely amazing, particularly as we saw the great migration of the wildebeest while there. So many “pinch me” moments! The highest animal density is found here, and we felt so lucky to be able to witness it. In this park alone on the first day there, we saw animals such as lions, giraffes, wildebeests, cheetahs, hyenas and elephants -- to name a few! We were fortunate enough to witness a successful hunt -- a mother cheetah with her three cubs caught a thomson gazelle. It was truly an extraordinary thing to witness. After each day of driving around, it was great to come back to a bush camp and spend nights in the middle of the wild. We’ll never forget hearing all the noises made by animals in the middle of the night, making us feel so lucky to be a part of their world, so far away from our own domestic life in Plymouth!

It’s hard to pick just a few favourite moments from our time in Kenya, but I have gone ahead and tried anyway! My highlights from the trip have to be -- spending time at the Amboseli National Park watching the majestic elephants with the one and only Kilimanjaro as a backdrop, taking a boat ride on the Naivasha Lake with hippos popping their heads out of the water whilst countless amazing birds surrounded us, and the view of hot air balloons spread out along the breathtaking sunrise at Maasai Mara. We also had a picnic at Maasai Mara, watched the elephants going about their business, and visited the Maasai village where were learned all about their culture. I can’t recommend these activities and experiences enough!

After the safari, we had three magical days of rest in paradise on Chale Island. I’m talking complete chill time, on a beautiful beach, shared with only a handful of other holidaymakers (and cute little white crabs!). The island itself is also a reserve for baboons and Colobus monkeys! This was the perfect part of the honeymoon -- a real luxury ending to our incredible time in Kenya. It was incredible to share this experience with my new husband! We met some amazing people during this trip who now have a special place in our hearts. We will look back on these memories when we’re old and grey and I’m sure they will be just as vivid, as they’re that unforgettable. I honestly urge anyone considering this for their honeymoon, or just as a trip of a lifetime, to not be afraid to get in touch with me! Seeking advice from those who had been themselves was such an integral part of preparing for this trip and getting the best out of it. I hope you will all take a risk and find your version of “once in a lifetime” this year, whether it’s your wedding or honeymoon or just something personal to you, and I wish you all the best.

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