Gemma & Danny

Just when I thought I’d seen it all! The wonderful thing about modern weddings is that no rules apply. Gone are the days of restrictions and following the so-called wedding how-to book meticulously. Now, the day is more about the couple themselves and what makes them unique than ever. Gemma and Danny took this creative freedom and ran with it – and what results!

I had high hopes for this wedding and what Gemma and Danny had planned, particularly as this was my first destination wedding in gorgeous Guernsey. Jetting off to shoot a wedding is the real dream for this profession! They held the reception on private land, which provided them with so many options and so much freedom in what they could plan. Location is key, especially with so much choice these days, and these guys really aced it. It can only be described as a fabulous, next-level garden party, that anyone would have been lucky to attend, and their guests certainly were! The love in the atmosphere was infectious – wide smiles during speeches, the sun was shining, and a truly happy day was had by all.

A tractor trailer is a totally fabulous mode of transport – so why not?! Gemma and her dad rode it in to the ceremony, truly a memory made and such an original touch. This farmyard-esque theme ran right through the wedding and felt like it had come right from their hearts. After all, isn’t a wedding about celebrating all the reasons why you love who and what you love?

Blue hues were definitely the chosen colour scheme, from the soft grey-blue of the bridesmaids dresses after they’d changed out of their silk robes (looking like a beautiful flock of peacocks!) to tiny details like the pale blue ribbons tied around cutlery. Everything felt like it had been thought out and put their for a reason personal to the couple – my favourite being the fabulous garden games. Now that’s outdoor entertainment! Everyone mucked in and got involved, whether it be from prep for the day or enjoying the festivities, children included. DIY should be DIWYF – do it with your friends and family!

Everyone has a way of making their day personal, and the blend of rustic charm and effortless elegance worked so beautifully. Gemma and Danny got the balance spot on. And of course, their hay bale cake structure was epic. Such creativity and originality produced by this pair! I even went up in the cherry picker basket to get those all important group shots. Needless to say, I was having as much fun as the guests were. It’s a great feeling to lose yourself in the moment of a wedding, despite being there on the job, as it makes the work easy for me!

I’d just like to wish Gemma and Danny the happiest of first wedding anniversaries and ask, could you throw another party? Your wedding was just so much fun – and thank you for having me!

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