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Hello, I'm Agata.

I'm the photographer and founder of UpArt Photography. But this part isn't about that. This part is about me when I'm NOT shooting weddings in and around Devon. My ideal day would include a long walk across beautiful Dartmoor and an evening meal with family and friends. There is something about sharing good food with nice people that makes me truly happy.

Some of my most cherished memories were made around the table while celebrating togetherness. I enjoy moments that bring people closer, which is probably why I love what I do so much.

When it comes to sharing my big adventure, there is someone who has been by my side for a long time. His name is Adam and he is my best friend and probably the most positive person I've ever met. Darling, if you're reading this (and I should think you will), this is a shout out to you to simply say a bi, big THANK YOU!

And there is Dida, the lab, self-appointed head of “Meet & Greet” department here at UpArt (Photography), as well as the greatest fan of all things edible. She would sell us both and the house for a piece of carrot (!)

So that's a little about me. I'm really looking forward to finding out more about you and your big day.

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